Why Netflix's 'Élite' Is The One Series You Need To Watch?
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Why Netflix's 'Élite' Is The One Series You Need To Watch?

It's time to welcome some new faces (and one familiar) to Las Encinas, because Elite is back for a another wild season! ! The series is back for its sixth season and Netflix obviously knows that fans can't get enough of the drama, as the series has already been renewed for a seventh season. Much has already been revealed, so read this story carefully, make sure your uniform is nice and prepare for anything.

Will the Elite really return for another season? 

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Netflix announced the big news a few weeks before the start of the sixth season, and obviously in the iconic Elite style. Not only did they reveal the new season, but they also reunited the entire new cast to film a cute video introducing the new faces:
Wait, who's the "familiar face" Will you come back?

Ah, yes, about that! Not even graduation can keep Omar away from all the drama. It was announced that Omar Ayuso would return as Omar Shanaa after leaving at the end of the fifth season. While we still can't guess exactly why he returned to Spain, we can definitely assume that he will be there.

Are there new faces?

Well, it's a big name joining the cast and you won't guess who it is.

The Brazilian singer Anitta travels to Spain to join the cast of the seventh season of the series. Netflix announced the big news on social media with new images of the singer in the flesh.

We don't know who she'll play, but we can't wait to see her. Things above.

What is Elite Season 7 about?

Elite will likely pick up right after the Season 6 grand finale, which saw a mysterious gunman arrive in Las Encinas. While we don't know who had the gun and who was injured, due to the events of Season 6, several people are on site. revenge hunt.

Oh, and it looks like someone is going to die this season because Netflix has confirmed in a hot and wild new teaser that no one is safe in Las Encinas, not even if you're played by one of the biggest pop stars in the world. /font>

Netflix also gave us a more in-depth look with the official trailer, which also included a concrete description of what we'll see: "Omar is back. Ivan is heartbroken. Isadora is fighting with her dangerous family. Is it possible?" "Do the students of Las Encinas trust each other?"

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