Perfect Match' vs. 'Bachelor in Paradise': How They Compare
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Perfect Match' vs. 'Bachelor in Paradise': How They Compare

Stop me if you've heard this before: There's another new dating show. Our television screens have been inundated with these reality shows that claim to have the right formula for finding perfect matches, to the point where new versions seem to appear every few weeks. However, Netflix has quietly (much like any other major streaming service) built a mature catalog of dating shows, led by "Love is Blind" and "Too Hot Too Handle," two shows that are giving the world real-life dating . for your money with a new twist. 

From this series, Netflix has spawned several spin-offs, most notably After the Altar, but Netflix's biggest leap in this area was with its latest series, Perfect Match. . . As obvious as it may seem, this latest effort allows Netflix to essentially take on the biggest dating series, and the one that spawned them all: "The Bachelor" and its popular tropical spinoff "Bachelor In Paradise." Perfect Match has everything this series has to offer, but brings with it its own identity, giving Netflix the opportunity to assert itself and establish this new series as the king of them all.

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Several programs come together in a group of participants in the “Perfect Match

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The biggest advantage of this program compared to its competitors perhaps it lies in its construction. Perfect Match adopts popular characters from its dating shows including Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle, attracting interest from its two biggest fan bases on the spectrum. However, from that point on, Netflix decided to withdraw from all reality shows and hire actors from several shows, including The Circle, Selling Tampa, and even The Mole. Ultimately, this allows Netflix to do excellent marketing by promoting their shows in this space. It also attracts viewers who wouldn't normally watch a dating show and say, "Hey, I like Dom from The Mole, so I'll try Perfect Match." » Netflix didn't grow this much by chance; Perfect Match embodies that genius trick of creating something that can please everyone. The difference with the ABC franchise is that while "Bachelor in Paradise" includes former contestants from the show of the same name and "The Bachelorette," it does not use other ABC personalities. It's simply promoting its own Bachelor universe and likely won't attract new eyes who otherwise wouldn't have seen these shows. From a business perspective, Perfect Match wins.

The Bachelor franchise has its quirks, but sometimes it falls short in creativity. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. While this doesn't hurt the franchise, it does allow another company to steal the spotlight, which is what Netflix is ​​trying to do here. ABC has found a way to control the world of dating shows by stacking these shows on top of each other: When one show ends, the new lead actor is announced, the next iteration begins right after, and among them, Bachelor in Paradise it's filling up on top. space. . Now, with Perfect Match, Netflix can do just that and more by offering connectivity to all of its reality shows.

"Perfect Match" is a dating show that uses competition and strategy.

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As smart as the show is behind the scenes and in its planning, it brings with it that in what is happening on the screen. Unlike “Bachelor in Paradise,” where roses are handed out, then new faces appear to fill those spots, and so on until the end, “Perfect Match” allows for competitions and strategies to break up the monotony of one-on-one time. .to stop a preview. exaggerated conversations and drama. Whether it's a blind kissing challenge or a bet on how many push-ups a contestant can do with their partner on their back, Perfect Match offers enough challenge to make it that much more interesting for the viewer. This is why it is also possible to develop strategies, as shown in the first released episodes, in which Nick, Shayne, Ines and Izzy decided to work together because each of them still wants to move forward. two other people, but he didn't want to go home. It was a unique twist on a dating show and something that allowed for more drama. Because of this and the challenges that take up screen time, no confrontation or conversation is wasted. It seems like every time something is shown, it has some influence on what happens, as opposed to the filler that often weighs down a show like Bachelor in Paradise.

While the top dating show "Love is Blind" still has a more realistic premise, "Perfect Match" offers a much more believable dating scenario than "Bachelor in Paradise". Winning dates aren't extravagant trips to a 5-star restaurant preceded by a horse-drawn carriage while someone serenades you. They're more like a dinner party or an activity that can be done in the real world, like a couples massage. Will this concept live up to its name? That remains to be seen, but at least try to do something different and in the spirit of smart marketing.

At this point, Netflix has really made its mark on the world of appointments with reality. The Sphere was primarily owned by the ABC franchise and competed with networks like MTV and VH1, but the streaming giant found success with Love is Blind and has since doubled down on creating something special in its reality lineup. Many things can come out of a series like this. So don't expect Netflix to give up on its dating or reality TV offerings. In any case, a platform capable of bringing together the characters of all its series would lead Netflix to produce more content. It's one thing to love this world of reality, but it's safe to say we have a new king of reality among us.