Skywalkers: A Love Story
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Skywalkers: A Love Story

Gymnast Angela Nikolau, who comes from a family of circus artists, finds her way out of a broken home, turns the Moscow skyline into her personal trapeze and makes herself an elite among the rare women on the roof and the growing elite increased. . company atmosphere. When longtime star Vanya Beerkus asks Angela to take part in a shoot at China's tallest construction site, the shy couple embark on an adventure that includes the scale of the world's tallest skyscraper, the true meaning of trust and confidence. dive deeper. I love every new adventure. . But with the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and dwindling sponsorship opportunities, their livelihoods and relationships are at a critical point. As the opening of the world's newest skyscraper, Merdeka 118, approaches, Angela and Vanya must put aside their growing doubts and faltering faith to face their greatest challenge yet, leading to an emotional and unforgettable climax. must believe. 

Directors Jeff Zimbalist and Maria Bukhonina have created an unforgettable story of love, trust and liberation over seven years, full of time and events. and the story of an emotional journey and an honest portrait of two people with each other. With incredible access to some of the most protected places on the planet, Skywalkers: A Love Story is a thrilling testament to the power of resistance and the discovery of what lies on the other side of fear.––Cedar Sherbert

A Tribeca is proud to present Skywalkers: A Love Story in IMAX for the first time in North America. Catch this fun and fast-paced movie when it hits theaters on June 12. it will be shown on the biggest screen in New York!

  • Directors
    • Jeff Zimbalist
    • Maria Bukhonina
  • Writer
    • Jeff Zimbalist
  • Stars
    • Angela Nikolau
    • Ivan Beerkus

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