Top 10 Most-Watched Netflix Shows Of All Time
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Top 10 Most-Watched Netflix Shows Of All Time

Netflix changed the game on streaming, then the game changed on Netflix. When it comes to original programming, the streamer was once pretty much the only player in town, paving the way for streaming to become the dominant form of prestige television with House of Cards in 2013. Of course, the picture is much more checkered. NOW. But just when it seems that Netflix has been completely eclipsed by the revolution it sparked, something like Calamares comes along and explodes, putting the streamer back at the center of the entertainment debate.

Even during a time of significant content shortages, the company has produced so many original classic programs that most of us won't be able to watch half of them in our lifetime. That's why we've put together a list of the 40 Netflix original series you absolutely need to make time for. We excluded shows from other countries before the platform accepted them (sorry, Black Mirror) and we're also embracing scripted series (sorry, not sorry, Tiger King). Enjoy!

The best Netflix series of all time

1. Stranger Things

Did Anyone Else Realise That This Stranger Things Creep Was In Twilight?

A fun and engaging pastiche of the '80s that delves into its inspirations: a little John Carpenter here, a little (well, a lot) of Steven Spielberg there, a pinch of Stephen King with a redhead Tocco “Dawn: Stranger Things” took off largely thanks to its cast of “Dungeons & Dragons”-obsessed neo-Goonies kids, highlighted by Millie’s telekinetic elf Bobby Brown. With its terrifying threat of parallel dimensions, guts full of mad scientists and communists, moments of truly frightening horror, and a propensity for suspense, the series has pretty much perfected the binge-watching model.

Part of the joy has been watching the young stars grow up, but the adults have also developed beautifully, especially Winona Ryder and David Harbour, who bring gravitas to the world debates. lend. Season 4 is currently in production after the last season expanded its reach beyond the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. This can't happen fast enough.

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2. The Crown

The Crown Season 2 cast: Who will be in the new series? Who will return? |  TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

The story of Queen Elizabeth II's reign has racked up countless awards since its first season, which aired in 2016, and with good reason. The writing is excellent, the acting is wonderful, and the cinematography is outstanding. All of this helps create a show that will be enjoyed even by those who are usually reluctant to give historical dramas a chance.

3. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman' Sets Netflix Return Date – Deadline

A showbiz comedy about a self-destructive '90s sitcom star who turns out to be a horse isn't exactly an easy sell. After all, BoJack is a show about humanoid animals that is also a powerful meditation on the nature of depression, greed, addiction, fame, obsession, abuse, and generational trauma. Still, it's one of the funniest shows on television, full of visual gags and catchy jokes and unafraid to go to dark places and bounce back with tender moments.

Miraculously , the series managed to land and reach its peak with the thoughtful and moving sixth season. BoJack will make you cry. Whether it's for the laughs or the exciting plot (again, involving a talking horse) depends on the episode you're watching.

4. The Squid Game

The Making of a Global Sensation: The Journey to Creating 'Squid Game' -  About Netflix

This unexpectedly successful South Korean series rose to the top of Netflix's streaming charts following its release in 2021, becoming the most-watched show in the platform's history. Given the topic, this is an even more surprising result. The series is actually a more overtly classist (and much more violent) version of The Hunger Games. It is a competition in which financially desperate contestants are forced to participate in a series of children's games. The winner receives a large cash prize, and the losers die one after another. It is sometimes difficult to watch due to blood flow and excessive tension, but once you get hooked, you will never be able to turn your back on the film.

5. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black season 5 cast | Who's who in Netflix's new series?  Danielle Brooks, Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Laverne Cox, Kate Mulgrew  and more | Radio Times

Netflix's most watched original series, has changed the rules of the game since the first episode. While subsequent seasons had their flaws, OITNB captivated us from the start with its smart writing and memorable characters. Ultimately, it's up to you whether you consider it a drama or a comedy; After all, he won an Emmy for both.

6. Master of None

Smug, toe-curling and underwritten: the many flaws of Master of None | Master  of None | The Guardian

Aziz Ansari's wry, thoughtful, artistic story about an Indian-American actor who hangs out, eats, and accessorizes in New York City made a splash when it was published in 2015, then disappeared for five years. after its second season inspired by Italian neorealism.

This year the film returned, with Ansari behind the camera rather than in front, and focusing on Lena Waithe's supporting character, Denise, as she embraces his wife in the movie. Village . The narrative shift was shocking, but also a splendid character study that demonstrates Ansari's gift for storytelling goes far beyond the semi-autobiographical.

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7 . Lupine Assane Diop

Assane Diop Or The Duke Of Hastings? This Quick Quiz Tells You Which  Netflix Hunk You're Destined To Be With | Flipboard

Omar Sy's master thief, is perhaps the most charismatic man on television right now. The world has been slow to catch up with the elegant adventures of French literary hero Arsène Lupine (think Thomas Crown's light fingers combined with Sherlock Holmes' wit), but Netflix's two-part hit, in which Diop has Lupine in his name, revenge, non-French speaking world updated. Even those who avoid subtitles will appreciate the super sexy Parisian locations and unexpected twists.

8. The Indestructible Kimmy

It's (still) a miracle!': 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' returns

Schmidt Kimmy Schmidt will help you fill the 30 stone hole in your DVR and make you wish you had Tina Fey as your therapist. Created by Fey and brought to life by the perfectly cast Ellie Kemper, the bubbly Kimmy comments on modern society through the innocence of a child and the experiences of an adult (that is, an adult locked in a bunker for much of her life). in "You do it". I wonder how we allow some things in the world to get so strange.

9. Russian Doll

Russian Doll Goes Underground, and Back in Time, in Absorbing Season 2 |  Vanity Fair

Sweet birthday girl! In this comedy-drama, creator and director Natasha Lyonne plays a game developer trapped in a Groundhog Day -style timescape, forced to relive the same day over and over again until she discovers that her situation doesn't work. It's as unique as it gets. . Because the second season isn't essential, the series feels stuck in its time loop, but the first season is excellent in its own right. Many films and series tackle similar existential themes with the same indulgence, but few are as intelligent and moving.

10. Ozark

Where Is Netflix's 'Ozark' Filmed? The Netflix Show's Location Isn't as  Obvious as You Think

was relatively slow to capture the attention and dedication of the Netflix audience, but it is now considered one of the best crime films in recent television history. Jason Bateman is a financial advisor who moves his family from Chicago to Missouri after a money laundering scheme goes wrong. The crime and drama doesn't stop after the move: expect the Mexican drug cartel and local criminals to appear in an often harsher "Breaking Bad"... which is really saying something.