Fake Profile ending explained: Breaking down Netflix drama's wild finale
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Fake Profile ending explained: Breaking down Netflix drama's wild finale

Fake Profile, the Colombian original released without much fanfare last month, has become one of this summer's surprise streaming hits, earning a spot at the top of the -10 list of both sites, guaranteed by Netflix The Atlantic.

The story of a Las Vegas Stripper who falls in love with a famous plastic surgeon, only to discover that he is a nepotistic, married father of two. The ten-part series plays out like Catfish on steroids. 

And like any novel worthy of the name, it also contains many Vague patterns, lifelong family secrets, and complicated love triangles (or, in this case, love decahedrons) play out in dramatic style.

If you couldn't catch the absolute chaos of the latest episode, here's what happened: Warning, there are full spoilers for Fake Profile , or a fake profile.

And Camila happens in the fake profile?

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After learning that her dying father, Pedro (Víctor Mallarino), has devised an unnecessarily elaborate plan to destroy his two children, the vengeful Ángela (Manuela González) seems to have taken it. Camila (Carolina Miranda), also known as the Other Woman, until her death. She even manages to convince her husband Miguel (Rodolfo Salas), the man whose inability to keep her in his pants started all the drama, to get rid of her body.

Of course, since it's a soap opera, no one stays dead for long. It turns out that Camila survived after being hit in the head with a rock, which her ex-lover aimed at her while he wrapped her in a blanket. Miguel then takes her to an old abandoned family house to pick her up.

But soon after she is found by Pedro's partner, Tina (Juliana Galvis), who, instead of killing her for ruining all his cowardly plans, leaves her bound and gagged, saying that she is "starving to death " " .. obviously without realizing it. The lack of water would be the first to do it. Tina's skills with ropes are clearly as limited as her knowledge of the human body, as Camila manages to free herself quickly and with the greatest of ease.

After calling his knight from shining armor, taxi driver David (Lincoln Palomeque), to come get her, Camila goes to Angela for another confrontation. . And she is accompanied by someone who seems to have returned from the dead.

What happened to Miguel on the fake profile?

Fake Profile Ending Explained: Breaking Down Netflix

After a heated debate during which Miguel insists that Angela confess to everyone Together with the police (even though Camila is alive and well, just to reinforce the show's glorious lack of logic), the unhappy couple suffers a serious car accident. Angela manages to save herself, but she takes revenge on her unfaithful husband, leaving him to die in the ensuing explosion.

Unlike Camila's near-death experience, it is never revealed exactly how Miguel managed to Survive the fireball fire. But there's not even a scratch when we see him enter Angela's room behind Camila for a double attempt at "seeing a ghost".

With a new propensity for the murder. , Angela begins shooting with reckless abandon. But Miguel and Camila, seemingly invincible, had no reason to worry. He also survived a leap from a second-story window, although he will require extensive rehabilitation before he can finally return to the Las Vegas stage. At this point he is already dating David, although Miguel, observing her from afar, suggests that he is still in love with the woman who contributed to so many massacres.

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Why did Pedro want to get rid of Cris?

Well, then it was clear why Pedro didn't want Miguel, the womanizer, to become heir to the empire business of him. But what does Cris (Felipe Londoño), the girlfriend of his son Adrián (Mauricio Henao) have against him?

Well, it turns out that Angela's mother has left went and Adrián Pedro temporarily when they were young to find a new man, with whom she also had a son. That son, yes, you guessed it, is Cris, which means that he and Adrián have, without knowing it, been in an incestuous relationship for five years! No one knows why Pedro couldn't explain it himself instead of hiring a bisexual waiter to drive a wedge between them for several months.

Oh, and us? You said the waiter was also having an affair with Angela? Yes, to complicate things: Inti (Julián Cerati) slept with Pedro's two sons while he removed Cris from the scene, accusing him of possessing and manufacturing drugs on behalf of a fan. Fortunately, once the little weasel's activities are revealed, the weasel itself is removed from the picture.

Did Peter's interference work?

Interestingly enough, all of Pedro's ridiculously complicated interventions actually work in one way or another. In the closing credits, his two children are left alone. However, her daughter is now in prison after accidentally but fatally shooting him in the middle of the bedroom brawl.

A month later, she insists that the will Make. just do it. everything he can to maintain his father's legacy. But he's still in custody, likely awaiting trial on multiple counts of murder/attempted murder, which is easier said than done.

Even if Angela is destined to do so. she seems to be spending money After her predictable stint behind bars, Camila's mother (Carmenza Gómez) is now a free woman. The stripper used the money she earned from the destruction of Miguel's marriage to hire a lawyer who would help her acquit her mother, arrested many years ago for the murder of her abusive husband, on the grounds of self-defense.