Netflix Confirms the Renewal of Berlin Season 2
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Netflix Confirms the Renewal of Berlin Season 2

The spin-off of La Casa de Papel Berlin, one of the most watched Netflix series in the world, has been renewed by the streaming service for a second season.

The spin-off La Casa de Papel, second season of Berlin, has been officially ordered on Netflix. The first season of the Spanish-language series was the prequel to Money Heist and followed Andrés de Fonollosa, aka Berlin, as he plans one of his most ambitious heists in Paris with his masterful gang of criminals and falls in love with the victim's wife. . The first season of Berlin premiered on Netflix on December 29 and has remained in the streaming service's global top 10 for the past seven weeks, becoming the ninth most-watched non-English-language series in history. 

Now, more than a month after the release of the first season, the “Money Heist” spin-off officially returns with a second season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has renewed the second season of “Berlin” and will begin filming in 2025. Netflix also shared a new photo of the cast and an explanation of Berlin's record viewership for the streaming service:

In its first week, Berlin was the most watched series in the world, reaching the top 10 in 91 countries. It has since remained in the top 10 of non-English TV channels for seven consecutive weeks, recording 348 million hours watched and 53 million total views. The series is now the ninth most-watched non-English-language series in Netflix history.

What you can expect from season 2 of Berlin

 As confirmed by Netflix, the main character, played by Pedro Alonso, will return in the second season “with a new twist and more love”. Your strike team will also return with the Berlin cast and characters like Tristán Ulloa. as Damián, Michelle Jenner as Keila, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, Julio Peña Fernández as King and Joel Sánchez as Bruce. As the end of the first season suggests, Berlin will reunite with his old team and plan another elaborate heist, with the possibility of adding new members as well.

Returning Cast


Pedro Alonso


Michelle Jenner


Tristán Ulloa


Begoña Vargas


Julio Peña Fernández


Joel Sánchez


Given his skill as a thief, it's no surprise that Berlin and his team managed to pull off the jewel heist at the end of the first season and began planning another big deal, which may have defined the format of the series, a Different robbery every season. . Details of the second season's heist are still unclear, although the first season featured several romantic subplots that could provide potential for season two stories. Despite the relatively successful conclusion to Berlin's relationship with Camille, his right-hand man, Damian, faces relationship issues that could get in his way. the team in the second season of Berlin.


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