Through The Window: Across The Sea Movie Review

Through The Window: Across The Sea Movie Review

An Aimless Sequel Complete With Humping, Mindless Drama, And More

There are very few movies and series that require, or rather demand sequels. Through The Window was not one of them. Teenagers Raquel and Ares were neighbors, enemies, and then lovers. Their story was one of lust, anger, acceptance, lust, and toxic families and friends. Yet, they somehow stuck together and now are in a full-blown relationship.

While Raquel is studying Literature in Barcelona, Ares is in Stockholm, studying medicine. But this sea apart distance is doing no good to either of them. Raquel spends her whole day stuck to the phone and earphones, while Ares spends his day whispering sweet nothings into Raquel's earpods. Raquel's professor is might impressed by her writing skills but explains to her that she is a horrible student. And Ares after rejecting his family's business in pursuit of a noble profession is flunking out of his classes in med school.

The only solution to their quandary is banging each other and then getting back to their lives till their next banging session. So Ares turns up at Raquel's college, with her bag which he packed by sneaking into her room (All destination-appropriate clothes, bikinis, shorts, and more). He whisks her off, along with her friends and they head to Greece for a vacation of drinks and debauchery.

Joining the lovebirds on their vacation are Ares' brothers Artemis and Apolo, along with their housekeeper's daughter Claudia who is secretly banging Artemis. Raquel's best friends also accompany her, the wild hair colored Yoshi and Daniela who lives to party and is also pursuing an open relationship with Ares' younger brother Apolo.

But in the Grecian paradise, all is not well as college classmates and old friends start popping up left, right, and center. Greg who has had a soft corner for Raquel and has been secretly pining after her in college turns up in Greece and is friends with Ares too. Ares old friend Vera turns up and cozies up to him as if she never left. Jealousy and tempers run hand in hand. The lovers had been looking forward to a calm and sexed-up holiday, which was now turning into a nightmare.

Well at least Raquel and Ares can escape into the bluest of seas and leave their problems behind, but unfortunately for us, we are forced to keep watching this personal hell. The sequel is as dumb as its prequel and completely unnecessary. The only difference is that the sequel is bolder with its humping scenes. But even the sight of beautiful bodies, and the Greek waters were not enough to keep us hooked.

There are plenty of other fish in the sea. It was too late for us, but please save yourselves from this hot mess!