Social Currency Series Review: Content, Creators, And Cringe Galore!

Social Currency Series Review: Content, Creators, And Cringe Galore!

We live in a time when everything you do online remains there for posterity. When content online is more important and entertaining than anything viable as TV or books. So it is only natural for Netflix to jump in and make a show about influencers. 8 famous influencers with millions of followers on their every social media handle will isolate themselves in an Instagram-worthy bungalow for 21 days. In these 21 days, they have to rely on their popularity and influence not only to gain followers but also to be able to afford all the basic needs. Ghar, roti, and makaan have to be earned this time. Literally.

So these 8 influencers include Bhavin Bhanushali, Parth Samthaan, Vagmita Singh, Sakshi Chopra, Ruhi Singh, Aakash Mehta, Rowhi Rai, and Mridul Madhok. Some are actors, some have participated in reality shows, some are content creators, some comedians, some singers, and some writers. But most of all, they are influencers. As soon as they enter the house, they are instructed to deposit their phones and be given new ones. Profiles have been created for them, and they have to start all over. Gain followers, post content, and basically build their influencer status all over again.

But their tasks are not just limited to making their presence felt online. Along the busy beaches of Goa to the most popular party spots, these influencers have to beg, borrow, and steal. With every task they win, with each fan that follows them, they are given monetary prizes with which they can earn food, a bed, and their stay in the villa.

When creators are cooped in a bungalow for a long time, there is only so much time it takes for tempers to run high and for their real personalities to come out. Catty fights, cruel remarks, ganging up on others and even some bullying takes place to keep the drama up and running.

When the show is all about influencers, it is only fair for the other, more famous influencers and content creators like Kusha Kapila, Akash Chanchlani, and Badshaah, to make special appearances and impart pearls of wisdom.

We acknowledge that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to become influencers and content creators. From remaining relevant, and entertaining, to putting out new content regularly, it is not easy to muster up such a staggering number of followers. But having said that, did we really need a show about the real life of the reel stars?