Extraction 2 Movie Review: Chris Hemsworth  Action-Packed Thriller

Extraction 2 Movie Review: Chris Hemsworth Action-Packed Thriller

Tyler Rake, fatally wounded, falls off a bridge, into the water below. But like the Posiedan's son he is, he drifts ashore. He is taken aboard a helicopter and driven straight to a hospital in Dubai. He slips into a coma, bearded, battered, and blue. Until one day he wakes up, good for him too because his associates were just about to pull the plug. Yaz and Nik, his teammates from stay by his side, never leaving. Once Rake wakes up, it's intense physiotherapy for him and an early retirement. Nik sets him in a picturesque house in Austria. Surrounded by snowy hills and white nature, Rake reluctantly settles into retirement. But while he was doing things one-armed that we mortals would need more than two for, he receives a visit from an unknown and unexpected visitor. He has a job for Rake, cliche I know, but it is a job he cannot refuse. After some name-dropping Tyler starts training to become the killer machine he was, 9 months ago.
Meanwhile, in an awful, rotting prison in Georgia, a man with face tats and scars across his face and body watches with disinterest as thugs in front of him fight violently. He leaves to visit a cell where his wife and two kids are asleep. Ketevan, the wife implores Vakhtang to allow her and the kids to leave the prison and but he denies it after a round of threats and abuse. Vakhtang is the brother and member of the Nagazi gang. An organized crime syndicate dealing with weapons, drugs, and murders. So when Rake successfully extracts Ketevan and her kids and kills Vakhtang in the process, it's not an easy get-in and get-out.
Vakhtang's brother Zurab is now out for revenge, and he wants it served cold and bloody. What follows is a bloody showdown between both sides.
Chris Hemsworth who is an amazing actor with even better comedic timing spends most of his time grunting and looking intensely far into the distance. But his character is given a chance for redemption and closure from past trauma. His co-stars, Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa as Nik and Yaz are brilliant and so good with their weapons.
Extraction 2 is filled with slick action sequences, casually shooting down helicopters, and trains and destroying hotel rooms. Nowhere from Georgia to Vienna do the law enforcements get to enforce the law. The war between two groups turns beautiful locations into a blood-splattered canvas.
The ending will leave you breathless with anticipation, as Rake is not done with Extraction.