XO, Kitty Review: The Fiery Youngest Song-Covey Sister Is On Her Way To Korea To Find Her Love, Her Mom, And More!
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XO, Kitty Review: The Fiery Youngest Song-Covey Sister Is On Her Way To Korea To Find Her Love, Her Mom, And More!

Katherine Song Covey is on a mission. The matchmaker sister wants to find out about her late mom, reunite with her long-distance boyfriend Dae and learn more about her Korean culture. And there is one place that allows her to do all this. The Korean International School of Seoul, KISS.

Well, luckily for Kitty, she is accepted to the school with a full scholarship. Now the only thing left to do is to convince her dad that this is the best idea ever. And after a passionate PowerPoint presentation, Kitty is on her way to the other side of the world, with plans of surprising her boyfriend soon!

After a couple of mishaps, Kitty finds a ride to the school with the IT girl Yuri Han. Yuri is the socialite daughter of the owner of Han Hotels and Jina Lim who is also the Principal of KISS. On first look, it seems Kitty and Yuri will be good friends if not instant BFFs, but soon tables are turned when a slightly jet-lagged Kitty turns up at the Welcome Party. Long story short, Dae who has been struggling financially, and Yuri who is trying to hide a forbidden love from her orthodox parents concoct a plan to fake a relationship so that both can get what they want from each other ( Sound familiar anyone? Hellooo Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky). Yuri gets her parents off her back and Dae gets to come back to KISS for one more semester. But what both of them did not factor in was the sudden appearance of Dae's actual girlfriend Kitty all the way from the US. Things get complicated, and her problems with Dae are only the beginning.

Still reeling from the betrayal, Kitty finds out the hostile Principal Lim was friends with her mom even though the latter pretends to have no recollection of this. And Kitty might have a half-sibling in Korea. And Kitty realizes as brilliant as she was back in the US academically, here she barely stays afloat. With everything she hold dear drowning in murky, uncharted waters, was coming all the to Korea worth it? Will Kitty succeed in any of her missions?

XO, Kitty is a spin-off from the To All The Boys trilogy. Anna Cathcart as Kitty is sassy, goofy, and a bundle of adorable nervous energy. With characters like Yuri, Dae, and Dae's cutest friend Q, and an arrogant Min-Ho also having interesting stories surrounding them, one can be hopeful that the first season will not be the first and the last. The series smartly maneuvers its many characters and their stories without steering away from the main plot, all the while managing to be funny, intriguing, and engaging.
Watch XO, Kitty and we assure you it will be a blast!