Queer Eye Season 7 Review: All Things Keep Getting Better In New Orleans
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Queer Eye Season 7 Review: All Things Keep Getting Better In New Orleans

Almost 5 years ago, the Fab 5 debuted their first season on Netflix. Queer Eye is determined to make the world a better place for its heroes. Heroes are the people in need of some fancy assistance to move ahead in their lives, nominated by friends and family. Tan with his fashion expertise and a doctorate in the French Tuck, Bobby with his artistic, decorative eye, Karamo with his butter smooth voice opening people's wounds and helping them heal just fine, Antoni the food and lifestyle expert, and JVN, the hairstylist and everyone's cheerleader, make up this Fab 5.

This season, the gang lands in New Orleans and starts their mission to make certain chosen ones' lives better. Starting with a frat house and ending with an environment conscious modern farmer, the Fab 5 work their magic on all. The first episode has the team dealing with a teenage frat house. The house was so neglected that there was not even one good word that could be used to describe it. Eliciting hilarious responses from the men, " It smells like a witch's tit in here" is my favorite insult. Although JVN in his political correctness apologizes to all the witches. And we do too. Because the house is, in fact disgusting. The boys need to clean up their act because they are running low on funds and they need to impress their alumni during a fundraiser. The boys come in with all the vulnerabilities that young adults face. The decisions about the future, finances, and families hang above their heads like deadly swords. The gang comes in barrelling through their doors, hoping to make their lives better. Antoni points out during one episode how they know that fancy clothes, upgraded homes, and new hairstyles won't change their lives, but he hopes that they equip their heroes with tools to live with hope.

In the past 6 seasons, the Fab 5 has maintained its sunny demeanor while helping so many heroes. Here too, they cast a golden glow on their heroes' lives. And as always all episodes are real tear-jerkers. Keep your tissues ready, as soon as you hear Karamo coming in to steal the heroes away because you know you are in for a cathartic crying session!

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