5 Reasons Why ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Is Way Better Than the Rest
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5 Reasons Why ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Is Way Better Than the Rest

Stranger Things has always been an unprecedented series for Netflix. The sci-fi series secured its place among the hottest and most-watched content soon after its debut on the platform. Since then, fans have grown closer to the story and character, which the creators have seamlessly integrated into the nostalgic world of the 1980s. One can forget the effect the early seasons had on viewers. Town of Hawkins. And it reminds us of Season 2, which was almost perfect in every way. This season has surpassed all other seasons whether it is season 1 or season 4 due to its flawless performance.

Top 5 Reasons Why Stranger Things Season 2 Is Better

We often come across fans comparing all previous seasons of Stranger Things. And it's amazing how these enthusiasts find things that even YouTubers sometimes miss. But it's safe to say that Season 2 is flawless. We will list the reasons below after carefully considering them.

1. Steve and Dustin's Bond

Dustin and Steve Stranger Things 2 Is the Highlight of the Season - TV Guide

Over the past seven years, Joe Keery's Steve Harrington has become the main cast's certified dad/nanny. Although the character did bad things in the first season, he completely changed when the second season was released. Do you remember how the handsome high school student became a dad to save Dustin from his pet, Dart? It was one of the most interesting and calming moments when these two came together to find this demodog.

Season 2 was the first spark of the eventual friendship between the two that completely entertained viewers. Not to mention that Steve was also accompanied by other characters that suited him well in the story. Considering the Duffer Brothers wanted to kill him at the start of the story because he was a bad buy, but this connection changed him.

2. Hopper becomes Eleven's father

Stranger Things season 2 episode 3 recap - Polygon

Before Eleven explored the human world, the only definition of fatherhood Eleven knew was dad. The cruel scientist who locked her in an underground laboratory as if she were an animal for his experiments. Thankfully, season two brought in Jim Hopper as the man who really cares about this young lady. Hopper taking El under his wing was the most fantastic solution the writers came up with for his homelessness. It was clear that she couldn't spend her whole life in Mike's basement.

Eleven needed real security from the prying eyes of people who saw her as a powerful key to controlling this world. When the two live together in a cabin in Season 2, it brings a new father-son dynamic to the series. Additionally, this father-daughter bond also helps the character overcome past traumas and build a new life together.

3. Will takes center stage

Stranger Things season 5 begins filming very soon | British GQ

The horror drama will always revolve around a little boy who goes missing and the consequences of his discoveries. However, Season 2 can be considered the only season where fans can truly see the struggles and pain he went through after returning from the Upside Down. It showed memories of this alternate world and the Mind Flayer constantly haunting it.

At the end of season four, fans saw that Will could sense the presence of this alternate world monster within him, but he never acted on what he felt. Season 2, on the other hand, clearly showed the physical and emotional pain she endured during this time. Well, we can only wish it would end when Vecna ​​makes its final move in Season 5.

4. New Character Entry

Stranger Things 2 casts two new characters | EW.com

There is no doubt that Season 2 added some of the most important characters to the storyline. In the first season of Stranger Things, fans encountered a gang of four kids who welcome a supernatural girl into their team. Then season 4 brings in another girl, Max Mayfield, who later becomes El's best friend and teaches him all the girl habits. She seems aloof and stubborn at first, but turns out to be a surprisingly wealthy newcomer to the gang.

Next up is her half-brother, Billy Hargrove , who threatens her to move on and become the hottest attraction among the girls in town, leaving Steve behind. Finally, when Murray arrived in season 2, he immediately made an impression with his intelligence and his crazy theories. Not to mention that he played a big role in expressing Nancy and Johnathan's hidden feelings.

5. Eleven unleashes her ultimate powers

Stranger Things 2 finale recap: Season 2, Episode 9 | EW.com

At the start of Stranger Things, the creators portrayed Eleven as a girl who knew nothing of the world. She could barely speak, dress, or remember anything about herself. But Season 2 brought the real deal to fans and Eleven takes her life into her own hands and meets one of the telekinetic kids like her. Along with Kali, she performs operations with her powers and even lifts a giant container into the air.

This was the first time fans knew her powers were bigger than anyone imagined. In fact, he goes to the lab with Hopper to close the door guarded by Demodogs. In the final scene of the season, we see him channel his anger to close this door that allows supernatural monsters to enter the human world.

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