Through Murky Smokescreens, Two Cops Hunt Down A Killer And A Missing Victim

Through Murky Smokescreens, Two Cops Hunt Down A Killer And A Missing Victim

In the early hours of one morning, two lovers are taking advantage of the deserted fields around them, when a dog's incessant barking spoils the romantic mood. The guy annoyed at having to discontinue his cardio, storms away to silence the dog when he horrifyingly stumbles on a dead body. Beaten, with his pants down, and murdered. Soon the area is swarming with police officers, coroners, and nosy reporters. SI Balbir Singh and his junior Amarpal Garundi are the lead investigating officers on the case. The victim is identified as Paul, an NRI who was days away from getting married. He and his best man Liam had gone for a drive the previous night, and the mysterious night ended up with one being killed and the other still missing. Balbir and Garundi begin their investigation with the family and friends and the bride, Veera.

While the investigation goes on, Balbir and Garundi's lives are also slowly spiraling toward doom. Balbir's daughter Nimrat has abandoned her husband and is now living with Balbir and her son Golu. Garundi on the other hand, is caught in strange incestuous dynamics with his brother and sister-in-law. These somber family settings also extend to the families of the dead groom and bride.

While the officers suspect everyone from Veera's ex-boyfriend to Paul's uncle, answers and evidence evade the two. Every character in Kohhra is shrouded in veils of lies and secrecy. Balbir is fighting an inner battle of guilt and remorse. Garundi is trying to escape his toxic family. Nimrat is lying and possibly cheating on her husband. Two truck drivers are nervous and scared for unknown reasons. Paul's uncle Manna though helpful with the investigation is simmering in his anger towards Paul's dad Steve. And Liam's mother, desperate for her son's return reminisces the bouts of violence she has seen in Paul's family.

The series is a slow-burning whodunnit, with strongly etched characters and a plot that is full of twists and turns. But every clue is uncovered only at the right time causing each of the 6 episodes to be almost an hour long.

It is co-created by Sudeep Sharma and Randeep Jha. It stars Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti as Balbir and Garundi. Both excellent actors lend their solemness to the characters. Harleen Sethi who plays Nimrat is fantastic.

Kohhra which means fog, stays true to its name. Through the foggy fields of Punjab, both Balbir and Garundi fight the cold, while looking for vague answers both to the problems of their lives and to Paul's murderer.