Survival Of The Thickest Series Review: Michelle Buteau Is The It Girl

Survival Of The Thickest Series Review: Michelle Buteau Is The It Girl

Mavis is a stylist at a fashion magazine called The Essence. She is smart, incredibly talented, and confident. She works alongside her photographer boyfriend Jacque, who seems to be head-over-heels in love with her, as she is with him. She saves the day at work by weaving her magic wand and impresses her boss, which encourages Jacque to convince him to allow Mavis to style the next magazine shoot. High from a successful day, Mavis rushes back home, because she really needs to pee and doesn't even notice that her boyfriend is on their bed with another girl. When Mavis finds her boyfriend with the girl, she is shocked, to say the least. But our heroine doesn't grovel or give him time to lure her back in, even when he tells her it meant nothing. What hurts Mavis is the fact the model is a thinner version of herself. She packs up her bags and leaves.

Soon Mavis and her loyal friend Khalil find a room to rent for Mavis and she moves in. Her roommate Jade is as eccentric as they come and is a cat owner, which she conveniently forgets to tell Mavis.

To get back her personal life on track, Mavis meets a string of men and realizes that she isn't interested in anything casual and short-term. She meets an ex-classmate who is still harboring a crush on her, a hot Italian Luca who we hope ends up being the one for Mavis.

Michelle Buteau creates and stars in this refreshing series about a woman reclaiming her life. The confidence that is woven into Mavis comes from the source itself. Michelle Buteau who is an amazing actress and a stand-up comedian has always been confident, beautiful, and unapologetically her. And Mavis is pretty much the same. She knows that she is talented and worthy of every professional opportunity and love and affection.

Survival Of Thickest has a refreshing take on a down-on-her-luck plus-sized girl. Yes, she has her moments of vulnerability and insecurities, but Mavis does not dwell on them for long. Her moments of weakness are replaced by firm decisions to not let the hardships define her.

The characters surrounding Mavis are well-developed and written so well. From her womanizing best friend Khalil to her quirky roommate Jade. Also starring Taylor Sele, Tone Bell, and Liza Treyger, the series is captivating and heart-warming.