Mrs Undercover (2023)

Mrs Undercover (2023)

Directed By :  Anushree Mehta

Cast : Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas,  Rajesh Sharma

Duration: 1 hr 47 min

Where To Watch : Zee5

Language : Hindi (English subtitles available)

Mrs Undercover is a Hindi spy thriller family drama movie a directorial debut from  Anushree Mehta who had previously written for movies like Unkahee and popular TV series CID, Mrs Undercover is co-written with Abir Sengupta who also acts as a producer for the movie.

Synopsis :

Mrs Undercover follows the story of Durga (Radhika Apte) a housewife who is also a former undercover agent for the Special Force. Durga lives with her husband, son and in-laws and has a normal existence, till the news of a serial killer called “the Common man” in Kolkata starts a media frenzy and the Special Force agents investigating the killings are murdered and a video surfaces. The common man whom we see from the first scene of the movie is someone who targets single, independent and strong career women and murder them brutally after shooting a video of them right before they die. Durgas life is turned upside down when the chief of the Special Force approaches her and asks her to start investigating the murders,initially she refuses but later she agrees with the cover of a housewife she believes no one would suspect her.

Overall Remarks:

Mrs Undercover, starts with a bang and spirals into a daft drama that is pretty boring. The idea of a housewife undercover investigating with the backdrop of Kolkata and the goddess of Durga and strong feminist dialogues is not new to Bollywood- Kahani starring Vidya Balan in 2012 did a brilliant job then. Mrs Undercover just fails to do what a good thriller should- capture the interest and get the viewer invested in the movie.

The only saving grace in the whole movie is the performance of Radhika Apte- who did a fairly decent job as a hassled and ignored housewife who gets an opportunity to be the strong empowered woman she had always wanted to be.The underbaked plot and the unrealistic portrayal of the intelligence agency, the ambiguity of the motivation of the killer and his acquaintances and the climax just made the movie even more difficult to watch. Definitely would not recommend this for lovers of thrillers because there are definitely better movies out there.