Everything to Know About 'Big Brother' Season 25
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Everything to Know About 'Big Brother' Season 25

Big Brother 24 is over. But we're excited for the historic 25th season of CBS' summer reality show! It won't be long before another group of guests enter our lives to face extreme challenges, hand-to-hand plots and revolutionary forces, avoiding successive appointments and expulsions. 

Read on to find out everything we know so far about Big Brother Season 25 (BB25).

Is Big Brother back for the season 25?

Yes! Host Julie Chen Moonves has officially announced that Big Brother 25 will take place at the end of season 24.

When will Big Brother 25 air?

Big Brother 25 will premiere on Wednesday 2nd August at 8pm with a 90 minute special. East/Pacific. This will be a significant change in schedule from Big Brother's usual June/July start, most likely to offset the impact of the writers' strike on the autumn schedule.

When does Big Brother 25 end?

Big Brother reporter Sharon Tharp reported that CBS has announced that Big Brother 25 will end on Thursday, November 9th. It is not known whether the final will last 90 minutes or two hours.

What are the broadcast nights for Big Brother 25?

For the first two months of the season, Big Brother 25 will air Sundays at 8am and Wednesdays at 8am :00. and on Thursdays at 9:00. But starting in September, when Survivor 45 and The Amazing Race 35 premiere, and with the start of the NFL season, those days and times will change to Sunday at 10am, Tuesday at 8am, and Thursday at 8am: 00 am 00 am Change time: 00.

Big Brother 2023 constents in Season 25

The new 25th season of legendary CBS reality show Big Brother is back and the playlist is here. A 90-minute premiere introduced the 16 new guests vying for the $750,000 prize pool. Episodes air Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights starting August 6.

Big Brother brings strangers together in a house, isolates them from the outside world, and takes care of everything that moves as they try to make alliances to outrun other guests and not be eliminated.

The cast of the 25th season is extremely diverse, with passages through family parents (Cameron Hardin), college students (Cory Wurtenberger), and molecular biologists (Kirsten Elwin) aged between 21 and 63.

America Lopez

Big Brother 2023: America Lopez age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Age: 27

Hometown: Edinburg, Texas

Occupation: Medical receptionist

Blue Kim

Big Brother 2023: Blue Kim age, Instagram, job and everything to know

Age: 25

Hometown: Riverside, Calif.

Occupation: Brand strategist

Bowie Jane

Big Brother Cast 2023 Bios: Meet The Houseguests On Season 25 - Show Star  News

Age: 45

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Occupation: Barrister/DJ

Cameron Hardin

Georgia native Cameron Hardin on Big Brother's 25th season

Age: 34

Hometown: Eastman, Ga.

Occupation: Stay-at-home dad

Kirsten Elwin

Who Is Kirsten Elwin? Get To Know The 'Big Brother' Season 25 Star –  Hollywood Life

Age: 25

Hometown: Orlando, Fla., via Dominica

Occupation: Molecular biologist

Mecole Hayes

Mecole Hayes | Big Brother 25 (2023)

Age: 30

Hometown: St Louis, Mo.

Occupation: Political consultant

Reilly Smedley

Who Is Reilly Smedley? 5 Things About The 'Big Brother 25' Contestant –  Hollywood Life

Age: 24

Hometown: Portland, Maine

Occupation: Bartender

Matt Klotz

Matt Klotz ready to strike gold on Big Brother with Olympic ring tattoo

Age: 27

Hometown: Cameron Park, Calif.

Occupation: Deaflympics gold medalist