Love Is Blind' reunion release time: How to watch on Netflix
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Love Is Blind' reunion release time: How to watch on Netflix

Season six of Love Is Blind brought blockbuster showdowns (well, at least one) and drama that dominated my TikTok For You page for a month, and the reality show isn't over yet. The Netflix series, which literally talks about blind dates and engagements, will air a reunion episode on Wednesday.

The sixth edition of Love Is Blind has been presented premiering on Valentine's Day, followed by new episodes released weekly. According to Netflix, the following team members from Charlotte, North Carolina will attend the meeting: Amber "AD", Clay, Jimmy, Chelsea, Jessica, Johnny, Amy, Jeramey, Laura, Sarah Ann, Brittany, Kenneth and Trevor. (It won't be live in case you're still exhausted from the Season 4 reunion.)

Nick and Vanessa Lachey will host the show. in which the blind participants of “Love Son” from previous seasons will participate. You can watch the reunion on Netflix here.

How to Watch Love Is Blind Season 4's Live Reunion Special

When to watch 'Love Is Blind: The Reunion'?

If you want to hear something Clay should say: “Tell AD and follow Trevor's questionable story, get off the jet ski and find a TV because the Love Is Blind reunion premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, March 13 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.< / div>< div>

Will there be another season of Love Is Blind?

Is love blind? A new group of contestants will find out, as Netflix has renewed Love Is Blind for a seventh season.

Who is Megan Fox's stunt double in "Love Is Blind"?

During on season six of "Love Is Blind," flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell told contestant Jimmy Presnell that she was told "all the time" that she looked like Megan Fox. However, she added: "I don't see it, so I don't get angry." she at the actress because of her black hair and blue eyes.

But it was too late for Jimmy, who was enchanted by the comparison and asked. , "Can we get married?"

Many fans believe that this played an important role in his decision.

When the two got engaged and finally met in person in episode 5, Jimmy disagreed with her assessment.

"She" She definitely lied to me about what she looked like," Jimmy told the cameras. "Chelsea told me she looked like Megan Fox. I'm very attracted to her. "I can work on it."

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What's the drama in "Love Is Blind" season 6?

Are Chelsea and Jimmy from Love Is Blind still together now?

Only one couple got married in "Love Is Blind" season 6: Amy and Johnny. So, what happened to the other couples?

Jimmy rejected Chelsea on their last date after she told him she would marry him.

"I love you more than anything, I want a relationship with you and I really want to work," he said . “But I don't want to go to the altar. I can't."

AD walked down the hall to reveal to Clay that he wasn't ready to give him "100%"

Laura and Jeramey break up in episode 11 after an argument and a love triangle. Brittany and Kenneth break up in episode 8.

It looks like the reunion episode will deal with most of this, as well as whether Jeramey and Sarah Ann stayed together after Laura's breakup and whether Trevor had a girlfriend back home like many fans think.