Fool Me Once Ending Explained: What Happened To Joe & Claire
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Fool Me Once Ending Explained: What Happened To Joe & Claire

The twisty thriller had a great ending, but who was the killer in the end?

*Warning: This article contains full spoilers from the film's ending . Netflix series "Fool Me Once".*

The latest adaptation of Harlan Coben's Netflix series "Fool Me Once" has captured the attention of audiences around the world. outside. world thanks to its exciting and impressive plot. Location and cast.

The series stars Michelle Keegan as Maya Stern, a grieving widow who is shocked to find her late husband in her "nanny cam"... There are many twists and turns leading up to an epic finale that features one of Coben's signature double twists.

If you've already watched the series, you're also lucky: Coben recently revealed to that there's a lot to look forward to in the future, with Netflix currently working on two more book adaptations.

“We still have a few [books] left!”, Coben joked. "We're currently making one in Poland based on my book Just One Look, we're shooting it and Netflix Poland is working on it. A project in South America, believe it or not."

But now read on to find out everything you need to know about the ending of Fool Me Once. But be warned: there are obviously spoilers for the entire series below, so be careful!

Fool Me once the ending is explained: who killed Joe?

Fool Me Once Ending Explained: Who Killed Joe? Does Maya Die? - Netflix  Tudum

Most of Armitage's screen time consists of the same flashback as his Nepo Baby character, Joe Burkett. So who was responsible for putting those three bullets in his chest in Fool Me Once?

There were certainly plenty of credible suspects. Was he one of the two bikers who once tried to kidnap his wife Maya (Michelle Keegan)? Maybe the whistleblower who threatened to burn down his family's pharmaceutical empire?

It turns out that the attacker was the woman who reviewed the entire series to investigate his death (and your death too). apparent resurrection of the dead).

Yes, as the cliffhanger of the seventh episode reveals, the armed assassin was none other than Maya. . But why?

How did Maya find out that Joe had killed Claire?

Netflix's 'Fool Me Once' Ending Explained: Who Killed Joe Burkett?

Well, the disgraced military pilot gave the away with the thing, which if I had known in life. of his sister Claire (Natalie Anderson) came from the same gun that only she and her husband had access to.

And after confronting him in the park, she discovered that Joe he would also like to kill his own wife in cold blood.

Unfortunately for him, he replaced his gun with a fake one and kept the real one. Unfortunately for her, one of those annoying bikers witnessed what was happening and ended up telling Detective Kierce (Adeel Akhtar) everything.

Why is Claire was she killed in Fool me once?

Netflix viewers call out Fool Me Once's 'hole in the plot'

Joe discovered that his colleague Claire had passed secrets to the informant Corey (Laurie Kynaston) so that he would not release the audio recordings that captured Maya during the military tragedy during which a truck exploded . they were even more excited. torn to pieces.

These secrets, which included altering the number of successful clinical trials and covering up several deadly side effects, would lead to the downfall of Burkett. Business. And so Joe silenced Claire forever, organizing what at first appeared to be a robbery gone out of control.

Claire wasn't the only one, though, Joe's sacrifice. In fact, she was basically a serial killer. She also sent Dark, the yacht's captain, who had been receiving monthly bribes from the Burketts since Joe's brother Andrew lost his life at sea.

El ha committed the latter crime. neither suicide nor the accidental crash of the ship as the family had predicted. They intentionally pushed him into the water.

As explained in the 1996 flashback, the brothers drank their football teammate Theo to death during a hazing ritual. But when Andrew, full of guilt, was about to confess everything, Joe decided that he would rather lose his brother than his freedom.

Was Joe still alive in Fool Me Once?

In the first episode, Maya is shocked to see Joe with his daughter Lily (Thea) in The Nanny's camera shot footage a few days after his funeral (Taylor-Morgan).

Now we know, of course, that he was fully aware that he couldn't fake his own death. But just when you think to the "long-lost identical twin brother", a much more confusing explanation emerges.

The video was a deepfake produced by Joe's and the nanny's lookalike boyfriend ( Natalia Kostrzewa), who pepper-sprayed Maya. So, yes, Joe is basically dead and not miraculously alive.

For reasons that stretch the scope Stretching beyond credulity, the two were brought together by Joe's suspicious mother Judith (Joanna Lumley) to make Maya question herself, go crazy and end up confessing to being the killer. In the end, this crazy plan worked . However, it did not have the desired resolution.

Is Maya dead in Fool Me Once?

Maya Stern: Fool Me Once character explained

After Maya reveals everything to her confidant Shane (Emmett Scanlan), she goes at the start of the Burketts. ' to confront Judith and her late husband's siblings, Caroline (Hattie Morahan) and Neil (James Northcote), with a gun... which he soon unloads and places on a coffee table within reach of the vile clan.

However, after a heated tete-a-tete during which both parties admitted all their mistakes: Maya killed Joe out of revenge and the Burketts caused corruption in the pharmaceutical industry of global mass. – Judith suggests they make a deal: keep calm about everything and blame Joe for all the damaging information that has already leaked.

But before Maya gets the chance to take revenge. She remembers, Neil the Weasel will shoot her.
As Judith and Caroline watch in horror, a dying Maya looks at the same digital photo, which he helped her put on. on Babysitter Cam. Seemingly prepared for things to turn deadly, she secretly set up the hidden camera to capture all the drama. And working with Kierce and Corey, she broadcast it all live to the rest of the world.

Who was the little boy at the end of Fool Me Once?

We quickly learn that all of the surviving Burketts have been arrested for their various serious crimes before the plot flashes forward 18 years to a reunion in a hospital.

Realizing that the Burketts' medications were responsible for his near-fatal decline and hallucinations of his murdered wife, Kierce is now healthy and has an adult son.

As Maya had requested in the event of her death, Claire's husband, Marcus (Eddie Garvey), took custody of Lily, who had just given birth. And the baby's name? Yes, you guessed it, Maya.

What did Shane do in Fool Me Once?

Shane (Emmett J Scanlan) appeared to be one of Maya's closest confidants in the series, as he worked with her in the military.

Throughout the series, he helps Maya in her investigations and also helps her test the bullet that took the life of Claire, Joe's sister, leading her to confirm that it was Joe who killed Claire.

However, there are a number of scenes that suggest that Shane is up to something suspicious, including the scene where he places a tracker on Maya's car and the scene where he gets caught in the middle and sneaks into the house at night.

Shane's strange behavior is never explained in Fool Me Once and is probably just a conspiracy. He was created by Coben to scare viewers before the final episode.