Enola Holmes movie review & film summary (2022)

Enola Holmes movie review & film summary (2022)

Enola Holmes is running from the law. Again. The dirt streets of London bear witness to this young detective running from the policemen. Perhaps a little rewind?

After successfully solving a case and saving Tewksbery's life, Enola has decided to open her detective agency. But she is rather dismissed as the younger, less capable Holmes. Shrugged off too, because of her age and gender. She is mistaken for Sherlock's secretary at times. Well, in short, she is not making a name for herself as much as she would like to. Disheartened, ready to leave her office, Enola lets one last person enter her office, looking for help. Bessie, a girl who works in a factory, is looking for her sister. Sarah Chapman has been missing for some time. Both the girls, along with hundreds of other girls, work in a matchstick factory. But one day, Sarah Chapman went out and never came back home.

Now Enola decides to take Bessie's case. Even though she knows she won't be getting paid much. A contrasting difference between Enola and Sherlock. Even though both are looking for answers to questions, where Sherlock is almost clinical in his deductions, Enola's investigations are driven by empathy and compassion.
Once she sets off on the trail of the missing girl, Enola stumbles upon secrets far darker than she imagined. The factory works with the help of helpless girls. Typhus is killing these girls. And no one is looking out for them. Enola with her intelligence, wit, and ability to get answers by hook or crook, stumbles on a conspiracy that holds the power to ruin the powerful.

While Enola is running around solving the missing case of Sarah Chapman, Sherlock on the hand has hit a brick wall. He is embroiled in the first-ever case that he cannot solve. He is miserable, frustrated, and utterly at a loss for clues. For the first time, he has met someone who is smarter than him and outwits him every step of the way.
Enola and Sherlock are essentially solving the same case. But it never seems as if one is stealing the other's light. Their methods may be different, but they are dancing the same dance. And Eudoria makes an appearance. Armed with ammunition and advice. She sanely tells Enola that even though her name spelled backward is Alone, with others, her one voice would be amplified a hundred times.

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola shines like the brightest star. Her wit, her charm makes it impossible to imagine anyone else as Enola. The script, which is adapted from the series of the same name, seemed a little rushed. With so many plot twists thrown in, it was a little tiring to keep up with the plot. But with eccentric characters and a mystery based on real events, we are eagerly waiting for more of Enola Holmes, and dare I say, Watson and Holmes?