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Harry potter scribe and screenwriter Steve Kloves is going to write Northern Spy and work with Stacey Sher who is producing the series for Netflix. It is an adult adaptation. Flynn Berry’s New York Times Bestseller Northern Spy is to be adapted for Netflix. Stacey Sher is the producer for the series and Kloves is the executive producer. Script will be written by Steve Kloves. As of now, the cast has not been told. A release date has not been finalized but it is likely that the series would come around late 2022 or 2023. It is set in renewed sectarian violence in Northern Island. A woman gets to know that her younger sister is working for IRA and a M15 informer.

It is leaving Netflix. Now fans of the 1998 sitcom are wondering where they can rewatch the episodes of the series. Of course, the show has hilarious moments that are enjoyable. People want to watch their favorites Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Fans are wondering whether it will return to Netflix again. As of now, Netflix has no plans to add the show back to its platform. Netflix does not want to pay for other series. The show left the site last year because of the licensing rights not been renewed by the streaming platform. Netflix has added spin-off also, like the 80s show. The 90s show is another spinoff. We would have to wait as to know that if the series will have a return or not. That 70s show left Netflix in September and there was no streaming home for the series. The show has been the most-watched classic comedies on the Netflix just like friends, the office, parks and recreation and new girl. In just 3 months of 2019, 131 million episodes were watched on Netflix altogether. No news has come as to who will take the show.
Netflix is growing. It has acquired the rights to dramedy called Beef from A24 and creator Sung-Jin-Lee. There are big stars in it like Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who are in the lead roles. Netflix announced on 24 March 2021 that Steven Yeun and Ali Wong will star in the Beef. Yeun is well-known for his character in AMC’s The Walking Dead and recently for his character in Minari. Wong is well-known for always be my maybe, baby cobra, hard knock wife and is also the author of the best-selling novel Dear Girls. Beef has 10 episodes each of 30 minutes duration. It is still in its early work. There was bidding that happened for series with big bidders like Apple and amazon and finally Netflix emerged at the auction. It will come in 2022.
Money heist will come to an end in December 2021 with the coming of season 6 (part5, vol2). Netflix is calling the final part as part 5, volume 2 but everybody is calling it season 6. Money heist is Spanish, but still transcending the language barrier it has entertained millions of non- Spanish folks all around the world. Money heist is the most watched show ever. There have been long twists and turns in the series. The release date is 3 December 2021, Friday. In the Netflix Tudum event first look at the final season of money heist was shown. On 13 October, 1st teaser of the last season which was 42 seconds long video was shown. We are expecting one fuller trailer before the release of last season. Fans have a lot of expectations from money heist.
It’s a good news for the fans of one piece. A live action series of Eiichiro Oda’s favourite manga is coming to Netflix and preparing for production. It has 10 episodes. It is produced by the same studio tomorrow studies who are soon releasing Netflix cowboy Bebop adaptation. One piece is still most pampered and well renowned manga series of all time. It made its debut on 22 July 1997 with 969 chapters published in 95 volumes and they continued to increase. It is one of the highest selling manga much more than that of dragon ball, golgo and Naruto. It’s highly selling fictional franchises of all time with $21 billion in revenue across its multiple manga’s films, video games and other merchandise. The original anime series has also come on Netflix in some regions. Many seasons of one piece came to Netflix in US and other regions in June 2020. The production series behind it is tomorrow studies. Their famous productions have been hanna for prime video and snowpiercer for TNT. Steven Maeda is the showrunner for the series. He has been involved with the x files, lost, lie to me, helix and daybreak. The writing staff for one piece has diego Gutierrez , matt owens, Allison Weintraub. Marc jobst is directing the first episode of one piece. He has directed episodes of netflix’s daredevil, the punisher and the witcher. It is in the pre-production stage. The filming will take place at Cape Town studios which has ample space for pirate ships. Three pirate ships have been ordered for the series. The production was supposed to start on August 31, 2020 and was scheduled to wrap up on February 8th, 2021. This did not happen. On September 3, 2021, Netflix revealed the script for the first episode. The writers are Matt owens and steven maeda. The filming will now begin in 2022. The characters in the series include luffy, zoro, name, usopp, sanji, garp, koby. The series has the codename project panda.
  • All the light we cannot see- series based on award-winning book
Anthony doerr’s will it Pulitzer award winning best seller- all the light we cannot see will become upcoming Netflix series produced by Shawn Levy’s 21 laps entertainment that has also produced stranger things, free guy, shadow and bone, arrival. Levy will direct all the episodes. Netflix is a platform for skilled producers. There will be a dream project between Shawn levy and Steven knight. They will produce all the light we cannot see based on Anthony Doerr’s novel based on World War Two. Knight is doing the screenwriting duties. Levy is the director of 4 episodes who is the director of 2021 critically acclaimed free guy starring Reynolds.
  • You season three coming soon
The genre of the series is US psychological thriller TV series. It came on January 14 2020. The creators are greg berlanti and sera gamble who are also the Co-executive producers. It’s a 10 episode season which came on 15 October 2021. It is dumb it is messy and complicated. On January 14, 2020 it was ordered on Netflix. Gamble is the showrunner. The story is about joe and love who are raising their son Henry. Joe has this obsession with interest in Natalie, a neighbour. The cast includes Penn Badgley and Victoria Pederetti.
  • Raybearer fantasy series: the deal
It’s a deal between Netflix and Gina Atwater. Atwater is to create, produce and write new series and other projects with multiple genres. Fantasy series Raybearer is the first project to be taken. According to Atwater, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to join Netflix family. It’s a live action adaptation of Jordan Ifueko’s novel of the same name. It has not reach to any point it for cast development. In September 2021, ray bearer was in early stage and it didn’t start production. Releasing date is earlier than 2023.
  • That 90s show
The first that came was 70s Show, then a spin off called 80s show which had only one season but it was cancelled. 15 years have passed since the favourite sitcom came to an end and now a new sequel is in work- the 90s show which will come on Netflix. Bonnie and Terry Turner are the Co creators and showrunners. The writer is their daughter Lindsay Turner an original series 70s shows writer Greg Mettler. For many it will be like watching their parents when they were teenagers and young adults. Debra jo rupp and kurtwood smith will be in the cast. They are also the executive producers of the series. It is in active development and there is no news about the filming schedule.
  • Gilmore girls: a year in the life season 2 not returning

There is a bad news. It is not returning for a second season in November 2021. There have been these fake news but the fact is that it is not releasing. It is a popular teen drama series that aired on the WB throughout 2000s. It was also rebooted in Nov. 2016. This isn’t the first time that there has been a fake news regarding the series. Last year also same news came that the series is returning with a new season. So now the question arises will there be a new season for this series? Amy Sherman spoke about this to Vanity Fair saying that it is still a possibility.