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By Rashmi Goel

Damnation is a USA Network / Netflix co-production that will be departing Netflix in January 2023 as an original series. During the Great Depression in 1931, Damnation is a film that follows Seth Davenport, a man whose past has been violent, as he gathers a congregation of townspeople to stand up against greedy industrialists, corruption in the local bank, sheriff's office, and newspaper. The film is set in 1931 amidst the American labor wars. In contrast, Davenport is opposed by Creeley Turner, an ex-con who works for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and who has been hired by a rich industrialist in order to stop Davenport's strike from taking place. It is unknown to the townspeople and industrialists that Creeley and Seth are estranged brothers. As part of the cast of Damnation, Killian Scott, Logan Marshall-Green, Sarah Jones, Chasten Harmon, Christopher Heyerdahl, Melinda Page Hamilton, and Joe Adler provided their talents.
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The series was produced by NBC Universal for USA Network, and Netflix acquired the exclusive global rights for the show and is co-producing it with NBC Universal. The underlying rights to the series, however, are owned by NBC Universal. A season of the series landed on the platform on November 7th, 2017. Unfortunately, the show only lasted for one season, but it is something that we highly recommend watching after watching the first season. There is a possibility that USA Network did not think the series was popular enough to warrant continuing it because the show was canceled one week after its season 1 finale. What is even worse is that Netflix may well have had its own data suggesting that it should not continue offering the service in the first place.
What Is The Damnation Series Based On?
There was a campaign for a farm strike in the early 1930s by the Farmers' Holiday Association which was the inspiration for this story; the location in the series is Plymouth County, Iowa at the time in which the strike and related events took place in the county seat of Le Mars, Iowa, as well as rural areas of the county starting in early May 1932. During this period, penny auctions became a common tactic used by farmers to raise money, as well. During the same time, a coal miners' strike took place in Kentucky, which has become known as the Harlan County War or Bloody Harlan, and it forms the basis for that element of the plot as well. Florence Reece and Sheriff J. H. Blair were two historical characters. "Which Side Are You On?" by Reece (performed in the second episode) is based on Sheriff Blair's actions during the Harlan County War. In the 1930s, the Pinkerton Detective Agency, which employs Creeley Turner, and the William J. Burns International Detective Agency, which employs Connie Nunn, focused on strikebreaking. This villainous vigilante group in Damnation is based on a 1930s fascist paramilitary group with the same name. Minorities in the Midwest were terrorized by the Black Legion, which targeted labor organizers and striking workers in particular.

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What Is The Date By Which Damnation Will Leave Netflix Outside The U.S.?
The show will be discontinued by Netflix on January 19th, 2023, for all regions outside the United States. Therefore, you will no longer be able to watch Netflix after January 18th, as a result of this change. Almost 5 years have passed since the series was added to Netflix and it has been an extremely popular series. As the show isn't available on Netflix's advertising tier, you'll need to subscribe to Netflix's premium service to watch it before it's removed. There have been dozens of Netflix Originals that have left the network in the past few years, and there will no doubt be more in the near future.

Is Damnation Leaving Netflix In The United States?
The Netflix series will also be discontinued in the United States, but the change won't take effect for some time, so the move won't take place immediately. The series is broadcast by Netflix under a licensing agreement, but it is not branded as Netflix Originals. It appears Netflix US will retain the rights to Damnation until the end of 2023, with the contract expected to end on November 7th, 2023. Like the launch of Netflix in international markets, which also coincides with the five-year anniversary of the company's first US launch.