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  • CoComelon
It is an American YouTube channel. It is 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes and original children's songs. It is the most-viewed YouTube channel in the United States and now it has come on Netflix. It includes videos in which children, adults, and animals are interacting with each other in daily life It is insightful. It also talks about the importance of political knowledge. It also talks about the current time. It's a perfect show for kids. Children stop crying after watching the show. It talks about giving to the poor and providing them free healthcare. It also helps children learn what war is and they also learn how government functions. Children can learn letters, numbers, music, animal sounds, and more with this series. It will release on 15 Oct. 2021.
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  • The Forgotten Battle
It is based on Dutch World War II. It is directed by Matthijis van heijningen. It stars Gijs blom, Jamie flatters, Susan Radder, Jan Bjvoet. It will come on 15 Oct. 2021. It shows the battle of Scheldt in 1944. The film has 3 main characters. It has a historical context. It includes the Battle of Walcheren Causeway in October 1944. It is based on Second World War. A British glider pilot and a Dutch boy are fighting for Germany and a Dutch female is in resistance. All end up in the Battle of Scheldt. The choices are different. Freedom is the goal. It has a budget of around £14 million it was shot in Dutch and English with some German. Lithuania is the place where photography began. The shooting was held in Netherlands and Belgium. The first trailer was revealed in November 2020.
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  • Karma's World
Karma is a middle school student who is lyrically gifted. She uses raps and rhyme schemes and uses her talent to solve any problem. Ludacris is the creator of the series. It stars Bryant, Sarah Ford, and Daniel brooks. It will premiere on October 15, 2021. It is an animation series. The protagonist is smart and resilient. She's compassionate. She writes songs and her signature quality is her humor. She has a passion for music. She loves music. She is very creative. She is kind-hearted. She has empathy. She puts her soul into music. She wants to bring about a change in the world through her music. She writes smart rhymes. She is harnessing the emotional power that words and music can have. She wants to share her music with the world.
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When an outlaw gets to know that his enemy is being released from prison, he decides to seek revenge. The cast includes Idris Elba, Zazie Beete, Jonathan majors. It is an American western film. It will release on 22 Oct. 2021 in the U.S. The protagonist makes a gang to take revenge against the man who killed his parents. Musician Jaymes Samuel wrote the series and will make his debut as a director. Jay Z. is the producer of the series. He also gave the music for the series. Nat Love is the protagonist of the series. He reunites his former gang to take revenge against the man who was the killer of his parents.
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The misfits are on an exciting musical journey. They are creating music. They are creating choreography. They get the news that the musical will be banned. The headmaster Agnes wants the students to focus on discipline, high scores. But misfits don't want this. They decide to sabotage the rules and work on music in secret. It will release on Oct. 16, 2021. The misfits are ready for a wild year as they are creating music. But the headmaster is strict. He bans the show. Now, it all depends on Julia to save the show.
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It is the 28th season of the US series Power Rangers. Its genre is Action, Adventure, and Sci-fi. It is created by Hain Saban. The cast includes Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kai Major. It will release on Oct. 15, 2021. 65 million years ago, Sporix beasts damaged the planet Rafkon before traveling to earth. 6 Rafkon knights followed them along with 6 dinosaurs to become Dino fury power rangers. the concept of dinosaurs is there. It is set in a historical background. It is a very exciting and adventurous show. The 6 rangers captured the Sporix. All rangers are lost except for the red ranger.
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Angry birds are set to launch themselves on Netflix. It is a 40-episode series. The duration of the episodes is 11 minutes. The genre is comedy. It is an animated TV series with inspiration from Angry Birds film. Angry birds: summer madness is the name of the series. Video game characters are there. Red, Bomb, Chuck are the birds. It is good for kids. This series has been a true phenomenon. It has been a success. Grumpy red is punished and given an anger management class. He becomes a hero and trains the other birds to unleash their power when pigs invade the island. A release date has not been specified.
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A young woman seeks the help of a famous hypnotherapist. After a few intense sessions, there are certain bad outcomes. It is a psychological thriller. Kate Siegel stars in it. She had some personal problems. That's why she seeks a therapist. During the sessions of hypnosis, something devastating happens. So, it is about a woman and how she feels during the sessions, what unfortunate and unwanted outcomes ensue. The woman consulted the hypnotherapist because she was not feeling well personally and professionally. She is later caught in a mind game. It will release on October 27, 2021.
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The cast includes Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O., Darren barnet. It is set in Los Angeles. It is about a woman who falls for a man on a dating app. The man lives on another side of the country. But when she was traveling to meet her, she realizes that she is catfished. She travels to her online crush's place for Christmas. A man dupes her. She flies 3000 miles to give him a surprise on Christmas, but she is catfished. The series explores the dangers of dating apps and the consequences they ensue. It will release on 5 Nov. 2021.
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